Centene Supports International Healthcare Systems

Today, many governments across the globe share similar goals to improve health outcomes at lower costs, modernize healthcare infrastructure, and deliver a more integrated approach to care. With years of experience working with federal and state governments in the United States, we are now leveraging our systems, technologies, analytics and other capabilities to help bring innovative solutions to countries around the world.

Our joint venture in Spain, Ribera Salud, is a health management group mainly operating in the fully integrated Accountable Care System sector. Ribera Salud also has other controlling and noncontrolling interests in Spain, Slovakia, and Latin America.?

In the United Kingdom, Centene UK leverages its local strategic assets to support UK accountable care initiatives based on the blueprint outlined by the National Health Service, the publicly funded national healthcare system for England. We partner with local health and social commissioners on opportunities to support coordination and integration of care.